Innovate UK EDGE

Innovate UK EDGE works in partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to help ambitious businesses innovate and grow internationally. 

About Innovate UK Edge

Innovate UK EDGE is the national innovation and growth service for ambitious businesses, with specialists near you. It builds on existing EEN services and resources and is designed to help companies forge international business partnerships, among other benefits.

Helping innovation-driven businesses to grow

Specialists will explore each business and are committed to identifying the most productive ways to accelerate its growth. This includes:

  • Exploit innovation: protecting and harnessing IP, improving innovation management and accessing the innovation ecosystem globally through our expertise & networks
  • Source funding and finance: finding the best option and getting investment ready with our help, to propel growth
  • Enter new markets: connections and guidance to expand into vertical & international markets and achieve scale

Innovate UK EDGE at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

LCCI is an access point for Innovate UK EDGE and operates to support innovative businesses based in the Greater London area. This work complements Innovate UK project funding.

We focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses to internationalise and find the right collaborative partners. We advise and connect those looking to commercialise ideas and succeed in new markets.  

We can bring an array of resources to help you unlock Partnering Opportunities. We can connect innovative businesses across borders through our partnerships tool and our connections to an expansive network of specialist advisers overseas. Our help is also focused on the offer of tailored support understanding EU legislation and trading with the EU and foreign markets.

More Information about Innovate UK Edge

Contact Us

To learn how your business can benefit from Innovate UK EDGE support at the LCCI, please contact Angelina Markousi, Innovation & Growth Specialist by email.

Innovate UK EDGE website

You can visit the Innovate UK EDGE website to learn more about how it works in partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network.

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