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Special Certificates

Special Certificates are a type of document that includes Trading Status Certificate, Force Majeure Certificate and International Import Certificates. 

Find out below why. 

Company Trading Status Certificate

This certificate confirms that your company is a legally trading company and provides a brief description of the company’s activities. Content of the certificate can be tailored to suit your requirements i.e. we can show company directors, shareholders etc. These are often used in international tenders.

To apply for a certificate, please email a request for Trading Status Certificate, including a sample of the wording required. We will produce a draft certificate and email it to you for approval. The certificate will be released once we have received the payment.

Find more information and Resources for Special Certificates in our UK Trading Guide

Force Majeure Certificate

These are certificates attesting the existence of force majeure circumstances i.e. circumstances beyond the control of the applicant such as fire, flood, industrial disputes etc. Please note that we can only certify factual details that can be evidenced. We cannot comment as to whether or not Force Majeure applies or argue such claims on behalf of the applicant. It is the responsibility of the applicant to claim Force Majeure and the issuing body’s role is to provide a certificate in support of such claim.  

To apply for a certificate, please email a letter confirming details of the force majeure circumstances and the scope of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations due to these circumstances, signed by the company director. This will need to be backed up by documents by the competent authorities or verifiable sources attesting to the existence of the force majeure circumstances. We will produce a draft certificate and email it to you for approval and the certificate will be released once we have received the payment.

International Import Certificate

An International Import Certificate (IIC) is an end-use assurance document that allows a foreign supplier to obtain the approvals it needs from its own government to allow the export of goods or technology to the United Kingdom. It is a normal practice for a UK individual or company aiming to import controlled goods to apply for an IIC at the request of the Licensing Authority of the country of export. 

To apply for a certificate, email to obtain a Blank Original IIC form. Then complete the form using excel template (hand written document is not allowed). If the person signing the form is not a Director or a Company Secretary, then the company will need to provide us with an Authorised Signatory Letter. Please enclose copy of the Purchase order, Contract or Invoice and payment. You can apply over the counter or by post at one of our issuing offices.


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