Statement on Lord Geidt's resignation


16 June 2022

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

The London Chamber is stunned by the reports that suggest Lord Geidt resigned his position following a request to allow a deliberate breach of World Trade Organisation rules on steel tariffs. If these reports are true, then more questions must be asked. This shameful development marks another blow to the UK’s reputation as a champion for the rule of law.

Trade is fundamentally dependent on the enforcement of international law – and the respect for rule of law is a fundamental value of the British state and indeed one of our key attributes as an outward-looking trading nation. Any steps from the Government that would undermine the rule of law, especially with respect to trade, puts every single business in the UK at risk. We need the government to commit to upholding our legal values to enable free and prosperous trade and the country’s stability.

London’s position as the pre-eminent global city for business is under significant threat if there is any veracity to the reports that the Government is exploring illegal tariffs that could lead to a trade war.”