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LCCI's Policy and Campaigning

LCCI is the capital’s most representative business organisation – with members spanning small to multinational organisations, we reflect the broad interests of London businesses to policymakers, decision makers and opinion formers at every level.

We draw on our members’ experience and expertise to contribute regularly to consultations, inquiries and debates. Our practical and realistic views and suggestions help guide policy formulation and application.

About LCCI's Policy and Campaigning Work

Our role is to explore and highlight issues impacting the continued economic growth, success and prosperity of Global London. We aim to create an environment that aids and supports the success and growth of London business – from workforce skills to infrastructure and connectivity across the capital.

For more than 140 years LCCI has been actively lobbying for key London developments. We seek to positively influence policy, legislation and regulation at the local and national levels, with regular engagement with key stakeholders in City Hall, local government, Parliament and Whitehall.

Represent the needs of London business

LCCI actively represents the needs and views of London business in the media. For all media enquiries, or to arrange a media interview during office hours, contact the press team on +44 (0)20 7203 1897 or email

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LCCI at Party Conferences 2023

The Autumn party conferences will be a key milestone for policymakers and influencers looking to build support ahead of a much-anticipated General Election in 2024. LCCI will be there to promote the interests of London’s business community, support our members, and drive conversations on international trade and securing economic growth and prosperity nationwide.

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Ukraine Support

We are continuing our support of Ukrainian refugees who are in London looking for work or who are interested in setting up their own business. We are working with the Cabinet Office, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the International Chambers of Commerce. 


In-house research and surveys for London business

Our research can cover any issue of relevance to London business; including skills, diversity, housing, transport infrastructure and exports.

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All-Party Parliamentary Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for London as a Global City was established to bring together parliamentarians and London business to promote London’s global position. LCCI provides the APPG’s secretariat.


Skills and Employment Hub

LCCI has a history of supporting skills development for London’s businesses through advocacy, business support schemes and other initiatives. On this hub, you can learn about the skills landscape, access support for careers and skills development, understand apprenticeships, engage with other businesses and discover different ways to access the talent pipeline.


Quarterly Economic Survey

The Capital 500, sponsored by haysmacintyre, provides a quarterly snapshot of London’s economy. The results are fed into HM Treasury, the Mayor of London, the Bank of England and other influential stakeholders.

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Briefings and Roundtables

We regularly host events with key people from politics, media and industry, so they can interact and exchange views with our members. Attendees have included the Deputy Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Mayor of London, departmental ministers, newspaper editors and leaders of strategic infrastructure projects. 

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Latest Update

In Conversation with Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor

"In Conversation with Susan Hall" event was a captivating and insightful event that offered an exclusive opportunity to engage with Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor. This event served as a platform for LCCI Members to gain deeper insights into Hall's vision and policies for the future of London.

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Featured Policy Reports

Green Skies- Supporting the Aviation Sector to Decarbonise

September 2023

In the latest report on sustainable aviation, LCCI has called on the Government to accelerate and prioritise the transition to clean jet fuels to remain globally competitive. This report highlights the urgency to expedite the plans for developing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) plants in the UK.

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Employing Refugees Measuring Business Attitudes in London

May 2023

LCCI has worked with Refugee Investment Network on this report, looking at the current state of refugee employment by London businesses, the barriers that are preventing firms from hiring refugees, and what steps can be taken to boost the number of refugees employed by businesses.

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Levelling Up and London Businesses

September 2022

We have published the results of a new survey assessing London businesses’ perceptions of the much touted levelling up agenda. The majority (82%) of respondents had heard of the Government’s levelling up programme, but only a minority of that 82% understood it.

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APPG for London’s Global City Status Report

June 2022

The APPG for London as a Global City has published a report on fostering London's global city status. It explores challenges and recommendations on topics such as Levelling Up, developing a skilled workforce and greening London as well as post- pandemic recovery issues.

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Ethnic Diversity in Business

MAY 2022

The report looks at the correlation between demographics of individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds and subsequent success in business and highlights the problems that ethnic minorities face accessing finance and procurement opportunities.

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