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Working on private and public sector tenders can be a profitable option for small businesses offering products and services. There is a common misconception that only large corporates can bid for public contracts and supply chain opportunities. However, there are many opportunities in different sectors for SMEs.

The LCCI Procurement Hub helps businesses to navigate the procurement process. You can find an overview of the procurement process, search for new opportunities and get practical advice to help your business create winning submissions.  

How to Master the Procurement Process

Events on Procurement

LCCI has a dedicated programme of events to provide businesses with access to procurement opportunities and information about successful bidding.

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Expert Support Services

We offer comprehensive guidance on every aspect of the bidding process, from bid management to bid writing and business and bid analysis. We are proud to partner with trusted experts who provide invaluable insights and tools to help you succeed. 

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Procurement Software

Streamlining the procurement process is crucial for businesses looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve supplier relationships. By automating and simplifying procurement, businesses can reduce errors, save time, and gain valuable insights into spending patterns to make more informed decisions.

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Developing a Procurement Strategy

A procurement strategy outlines the objectives, policies, and procedures for procuring goods and services while ensuring value for money, quality, and timely delivery. By developing a procurement strategy, businesses can identify opportunities for cost savings, improve supplier relationships, mitigate risks, and increase efficiency.

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Leverage your Diversity

LCCI is committed to creating positive opportunities to give Londoners from all backgrounds a fair opportunity to contribute to, and share in, the prosperity of our city. We have partnerships in place with LCCI Members MSDUK and Kaleida to support members access procurement opportunities.

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Opportunity Identification

Successful bidding requires visibility of contracts. There's a range of free and paid-for services that are available to help you find contract opportunities. Click the link below to see some of the largest free-to-use contract search engines as well as special member offers for paid services.

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Steps to increase your chances of success

  1. Market Trends: An awareness of market trends can be a great aid in bidding and writing successful proposals. Look though our library of reports to find out more. 
  2. Research: LCCI has access to an online library of sector reports that provide a ‘snapshot’ of a specific industry sector in a particular country. Members can receive up to three reports per month. Send your report requests via email.
  3. Approach: Watch our past procurement webinars to learn the key skills and approaches for successful bidding.
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Advice and Support

Pre-qualification Questionnaire

A pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) is a list of questions that a contractor is required to answer when applying for a contract. PQQ’s give companies an efficient way to shortlist suppliers. Once applications have been submitted and PQQ’s are filled in, suppliers will then be scored on a scale based on their answers.

Top Ten Tips for PQQ

SMEs getting on Supply Chains

SMEs are at the heart of the UK economy. When it comes to supporting supply chains, small businesses can play a significant role. To meet the procurement criteria of large-scale supply chains, small businesses must become supply chain ready. We have put together our top tips to support SMEs in the bidding process.

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Tender-ready Audits


A "tender-ready" audit is an assessment of a company's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as its financial and operational capabilities, that is intended to help the company prepare for participation in a public procurement process (i.e. a "tender").

The audit typically involves a review of the company's financial records, contracts, operations, and policies, and may also include on-site inspections and interviews with company officials. The goal of the audit is to identify any issues or deficiencies that may impact the company's ability to successfully bid on and execute a contract, and to provide recommendations for addressing those issues.

Form a Procurement Consortium

A procurement consortium is a collective of businesses or organisations that procure jointly in order to maximise their resources and expertise. The member organisations in a consortium may retain their individual identities and operate autonomously, or they may merge their operations and resources for the duration of the project. A consortium can be temporary or permanent, and formal or informal in its organisation. The agreements that govern consortia can take the form of a joint venture or partnership. If you are a business who would like to form a consortium, please send your details and the details of any specific procurement opportunity via the enquiry form.


Latest Update from LCCI

Procurement opportunities for minority ethnic owned businesses

We are pleased to announce that the Greater London Authority and a number of related public sector institutions have decided to change procurement policies in response to LCCI’s ABA and BBA campaign for action to address discrimination faced by minority ethnic owned businesses. This is a significant step forward for widening procurement opportunities for SMEs.

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