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Mayoral candidate Susan Hall's shares her vision for London's future

"In Conversation with Susan Hall" was an illuminating exploration of the Conservative candidate's vision for London's future. Dedicated to providing a deeper understanding of Susan Hall's policies, the event tackled key issues such as economic growth, transport, public safety and housing affordability.

With an hour-long Q&A session hosted by the University of Westminster, organised by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), and moderated by James Watkins, Head of Policy and Public Impact at LCCI, attendees actively participated in shaping the dialogue and gaining insights crucial for informed voting in the past mayoral election.

The event served as a platform for discussing crucial topics, from arts visa issues to the cost-of-living crisis and the ULEZ expansion. Susan emphasised her dedication to community safety, proposing measures such as increased policing budgets and protection for businesses. Acknowledging the public's role in shaping policies, Susan asserted her commitment to listening to the needs of Londoners.

With her manifesto set to be released in February, "In Conversation with Susan Hall" stood as a must-attend event, offering an opportunity to engage with the Conservative candidate.

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